Play Safe From Trouble To Save Shots

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer has found himself in the trees on a par 4. He can still see the pin, but it’s a very tough shot, so he has to choose whether to go for the flag with a 4-iron and risk leaving it in there, or to chip out sideways to guarantee a shot at the green

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Turn 6 Into 4

The miracle shot squeezed through a tiny gap in the trees with a long iron may seem attractive. Leave that one to the Pro’s who have practised thousands of them.


Avoid Risk

Your objective is to limit the damage and not run up a silly score. The goal is to take a mid iron, play out sideways with less risk avoiding 


Stay Safe

Once you’ve elected to play out safely make sure your next shot is back on the fairway leaving you an opportunity to play a simple shot to the green.

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