Keep Moving During Your Pre-Shot Routine

Amateurs often struggle when their mind becomes cluttered with too many swing thoughts standing over the ball. The only way you can hit successful shots is when your mind is free of technique and focused on the target, as TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer explains in this video.

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Still Ball Game

In golf you don’t hit the ball by anticipation or reflex. It’s a stationary ball so you need to react to it.


Many golfers become frozen over the ball processing too many swing thoughts and suffer from paralysis by analysis. This often results in miss – timed poorly executed shots.

Keep Alive

Ideally you need to turn your swing thoughts into feelings. Think it, feel it , do it! Have a practice swing or two and aim to keep alive and moving, from here you are much more able to time and synchronise a good swing.

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