Control Your Clubface To Break 80

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer shares his tips for teen handicappers looking to makes the step up to single figures.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Bigger Muscles

To play consistent low handicap golf requires a more ‘stable’ club face through impact-a less handy action. In your backswing make sure you establish a more neutral to open clubface position, this gives you the license to turn through aggressively without fear of a hook.

Credit Card Connection

The body rotation is the engine controlling the arms rather than them becoming too independent. Place or imagine a credit card under your left arm pit as you swing through to synchronise the arms and body together in a connected fashion.

Level Finish

Maintaining connection through impact means the handle of the club and your stomach travel together for a stronger impact. Ultimately this motion will result in a more level finish with a higher right shoulder and club shaft more parallel to the ground.

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