How to avoid fat and thin shots

If you are prone to fats and thins and poorly struck iron shots it may help you to understand your arm motion through impact. 

The only time in the swing both arms become truly ‘straight’ is post impact.

During the backswing you’ve created and angle between your lead arm and the club forming a powerful lever system. Your rear or trail arm is folded allowing you to swing the club up on the correct attitude or plane. 

If you ‘throw’ release or get rid of your angles too soon in the downswing there is a very good chance the arc will widen prematurely hitting the ground before the ball or scooping and thinning it! 

With practice synchronise the unwinding of the body with the release of the club so the ball is compressed and the arc’s low point happens just after the ball. In a well coordinated swing the feeling will be of the arms being ‘flung’ or catapulted out and down to the inside of the ball, the momentum and forces ‘stretch’ the arms as they extend and rotate then continue to arc back up into the follow through.

Please note the swing is a circular motion and both arms extending post impact shows the energy has been delivered out into the club head at just the right time which is necessary for power shots.

If you are looking for power aim for ‘long’ arms post impact, however if you require finesse on a delicate short shot a softer ‘narrower’ finish is acceptable. So long arms for power, short arms for finesse.

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