Why Do You Over Swing?

Often golfers overswing because they can! Some because of poor technique or poor concepts and some because of build and a lot of flexibility.

If your hips over rotate, you have excessive leg action or excessive heel lift it may allow too much ‘travel’ in the swing allowing the arms and club to over swing. Collapsing of the arms or letting go with the grip also cause this fault too.

Firming up the swing and adding a little torque in the lower body provides a more compact action and a better strike. A correct wrist hinge and robust arm structure really help too.

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Long Swing Doesn't mean Long Shots

A long swing doesn’t always mean longer shots!  The backswing needs some radius, rotation and leverage. Getting to parallel is just nice for books and a ‘position’! Experiment feeling where your hands travel too or how much your shoulders turn.


Right Heel Lift Drill

Try the right heel lift drill to feel more torque in the lower body. This drill quietens the legs creating more coil. Check your grip allows you to hinge your wrists correctly. Your arm can maintain it’s stretch then instead of compensating.


Learn to maintain your swing radius, the right arm should only ever fold to form an ‘L’ shape. Use your shoulders as a reference to develop an awareness of where you’re arm, hands and club swing to. You’ll soon see less is more and just as powerful.

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