Ever tried 'under reaching?'

It’s a worldwide epidemic! Not hitting the driver straight!

If your swing path is prone to coming out and ‘over the top’ causing the club head to glance across the ball with an open face you are going to spend a lot of time in the trees!

To hit the ball long and straight requires every golfer at every level to swing the club on a decent path with good club face control.

So this simple tip can really help you visualise, encourage and deliver your club head on a neutral or slightly inside path and square up your club face for consistently powerful strikes!

Traditionally we would aim the club face square to our intended target placed directly behind the ball at address. In this simple tip I’d like you to try a small adjustment which will dramatically help you ‘preview’ the swing path and encourage you to deliver the club on the elusive ‘inside track’ eliminating glancing blows.

When you form your address position just retract your club head backwards about 6 inches then pull it towards you slightly a couple of inches so it appears inside an extension of the ball to target line. From this position it creates a great visual image of the club having to journey ‘outwards’ and through the ball at impact rather than being weakly pulled inwards and across the ball.

Other benefits of this motion also encourage the low point of the arc to happen earlier thus sweeping the ball up with a more efficient spin rate rather than chopping down on it plus making it much easier to release and square up the club face too.

Give this a try, preview your path and see your drives going longer and straighter.

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