Be Positive On Short Putts

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer looks at why when you have a competition card in your hand, the tendency is often to become tentative on short putts with the putter decelerating and the ball rolling off line. His tips will help you be positive on those nervy three footers

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Avoid Caution

When you play with your friends you often casually knock 3 footers in freely without any caution or fear.

Tee Peg

Place a tee peg lightly embedded just in front of the hole to focus on a particular part of the hole plus make your stroke more positive in order to dislodge the tee peg.

End Result

Aim to hit ball with a little more trust, freedom and pace to knock the peg out and carry it into the hole. Focussing on the end result stops you being over mechanical with the stroke and gets your attention back on hitting the ball into the hole! 

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