Chipping Help - Dont Over Do It

Many of golf’s poor shots can be traced back to a poor set up and chipping is no different! 

A very common occurrence I see on the golf course and in my teaching bay is everything being overdone in the set up.

When a friend offers advice to ‘open’ your stance, how much do you do it? Then you’re told to get your hands ahead of the ball, but how much? Then put the ball back a bit so you hit down on it! Again, but how much?

So it’s not uncommon to see a golfer aiming 30 yards left on a 10 yard shot with the hands way forward making your wedge into a 7 iron and the ball behind the right toe!

All these ‘over’ adjustments mean compensations then have to made in the stroke to have any chance of hitting the ball remotely on target at the ideal trajectory. 

My advice is to make subtle adjustments, your feet and hips should be marginally open aiming only slightly left (for a right hander) Place the ball centrally but lean your weight and sternum toward the target providing the necessary angle for a slightly descending blow. With your normal grip alignment halfway down the handle just lean the shaft forwards so your hands and club are positioned inside your trouser seam. 

All these subtle arrangements now encourage the correct strike, with the correct loft and low point of the arc happening in the right place. In essence your are encouraging a quality impact and contact way before movement takes place. 

The swing action is largely the frame of the shoulders, arms and club moving as a unit assisted by a subtle pivot through of the hips and knees assisting the flow movement and feel for the shot.

Study the video and my motion and hopefully you’ll soon see you chipping it stone dead and tapping it in! 

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