Simplify Your Swing For More Success

There are so many different ways you can check your swing plane. Trying too many of these methods can over-complicate your swing though, taking away the fluidity and tempo. The key is to simplify your thought process, as TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer explains.

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Don't Overcomplicate

Sometimes golf can seem a very technical and complex game so it’s easy to fall into the trap of paralysis by analysis!

It's Simple

In real terms the golf swing involves swinging a lump of metal in a circle around your body delivering the club face back to the ball pointing and travelling briefly to your target- simple!


Core Principals

Obviously some core principals need observing but if you can focus on swinging the club on the angle it’s built, swing it toward your right shoulder, back in an arc and through your left shoulder. Aim to finish balanced and de clutter your brain.

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