Should You Use Your Hands More in your Golf Swing?

The hands in golf play several vital roles for solid ball striking, they are the link between the body and the club and act as a link or conduit of power plus feel.

The manor you hold or grip the club will influence the alignment of the club face to your arc and presentation through impact.

When swinging at higher speeds ‘quieter’ hands can stabilise the club face giving more control and for players needing more distance, more freedom and release via the wrists and hands may transmit more power.

This video will guide you how to get the best from your swing and hand action.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


It Depends

Should I use my hands more or less. If you are seeing excessive curving in your ball flight this means your club face and swing path aren’t matched up.

Your skill level and shot pattern determine which way you should educate your hands.

Quieter or Active

If you tend to leave your club face open to your swing path and lack power you may need more release and freedom with the hands feeling more active, however if you are a powerful lower handicap player who ‘over draws’ the ball you may need a more quiet or passive release.

Body or wrists?

Try the feet together ‘L’ shape drill for more speed and club head release. Experiment with the split hands drill for more control and body release method. The best choice is the one that provides speed with repetitive accuracy and control.

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