Should you keep your arms straight in the golf swing?

There is a lot said about keeping your left arm straight in golf and it being the cure all for many mis hits. In fact because golf is a two armed game this really means the role the arms play during a good swing actually changes during the action and there is a moment post impact where both arms are briefly straight.
If you’d like to improve your understanding and more importantly your consistency and power have a look at this video and see your striking become more solid.

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Constant Radius

If you are going to be a consistent striker the radius of the arc your hands travel in relation to your body needs to constant avoiding fats or scooped shots. This is achieved by understanding the role of your arms in the swing.

Baseball action

Like a baseball action, the lead arm stays straight as the trail arm gathers angles, this creates leverage. Both arms,angles and club are pivoted down and released into impact.


Long arms

In order to compress the ball with irons or woods both arms ideally reach full extension post impact. All the leverage and angles are released through the ball achieving maximum speed this way and encourage the low point of the arc to also occur in the correct place.

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