Hit A Bunker Shot That Releases

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer helps you to create a splash shot whereby the ball releases on landing and comes out on a lower trajectory for attacking flags that are further away.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Snow Plough

If you’re faced with a bunker shot that requires a little more run to skip to a flag at the back of the green you need to visualise the club head acting like a snow plough. This action pushes the sand and ball forward rather than traditionally skimming under the ball.


Practice Station

To develop the correct stroke and pushing action build a practice station with two tees. Your aim is to miss the first tee and push the ball, sand and second tee out through impact.


Shaft Lean

Aim to create a set up with your club shaft leaning more forward, square the club face and play the ball more centrally. Rather than holding the club face open allow it to roll through. The closing action also creates more roll on the ball on landing.

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