Get Long Putts Close On Fast Greens

In the video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer gives you some easy changes you can make to your set-up that will promote a ‘deader’ strike to help take speed away without the putter decelerating on fast greens.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Easy Does It

On long tricky downhill putts it’s very easy to apply too much force and race the ball way by the hole by striking it too firmly.

Toe Strike

Aiming to strike the ball more to the toe of the putter means your not hitting from the sweetspot or where the club’s moment of inertia is located. The toe strike ‘deadens’ the hit so the ball doesn’t spring off the face to potently.

Light Pressure

Use a much lighter grip pressure aiming to let your hands just ‘ride’ the momentum of the swinging putter. This makes for smoother stroke with less ‘hit’ so you can coast the ball up gently to the hole side.

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