Double-Overlap Chipping Grip

The most common fault among club golfers when chipping is the right hand dominating through the hitting area, causing the club to rise up through impact and often catch the ball fat or thin. A good drill to stop the right hand taking control is to use a double-overlap grip, as TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Grip Change

An over dominant right hand often means the right or bottom hand tends to take over the stroke causing flicked, thinned and duffed shots. A simple grip adjustment can turn your game around

Tip From The Master

Seve Ballesteros often chipped with a ‘double -overlap’ grip. By simply sliding your little and next finger on top of your left hand will immediately pacify your right hand.

Dominant Lead Hand

The new grip places the dominance in your lead hand ensuring the right hand is a passenger just going along for the ride. The left wrist is now stable through impact instead of breaking down and scooping.

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