Don't Get "Under" Part 2 - Should My Club Go Under The Ball?

“I’m not getting UNDER the ball” is often the cry of amateur golfers.

If you’re a player who thinks the ball is helped or lifted in the air by getting the club head ‘under’ it with your irons you certainly will not be striking the ball as well as you can.

Good strikes happen when the ball is compressed by the club head with a descending blow and the design of the club head does the rest.

In this video I explain why trying to get under the ball is futile and how to produce a solid strike with your irons.

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Under doesn't work

Trying to get the club ‘under’ the ball may initially seem logical to lift or elevate it- in fact quite the opposite really happens. A good striker actually compresses the ball against the club face then the turf. 


Don't lift

Avoid trying to lift the ball, this will result in thin and fat shots with little power. A descending blow is what you’re aiming for. The loft, grooves and friction cause the ball to lift, not you helping it.

Squeeze it

Aim to squeeze, trap or compress the ball! The club design will do the rest- hit down to make the ball go up.The divot is the bi product of the club continuing it’s descent after impact and is the result of a compressed shot.

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