Don't Get "Under" Part 1 - Should My Shoulder Be Under My Chin?

For all players at every level golf involves swinging your arms and club and turning your body. Now when I say turn I mean TURN! 

Unfortunately many golfers mistakenly mis interpret a turn and try to get their shoulder ‘under’ their chin. This causes a power sapping ’tilt’ motion which restricts the arm swing and triggers a choppy or scoopy attack. In this video I explain why ‘under’ is not a word I like my students to even think of in the backswing and how the correct turn will help develop a powerful swing.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Under or around?

Trying to get your shoulder ‘under’ your chin may lead to a steep shoulder turn or dip. This has a negative reaction on the arm swing causing a compensation where the arms get trapped and then deliver a steep blow.


Think across

The more efficient turn sees your shoulder come more around or across to meet the chin. Because you are bent forward at address there will be a natural lowering of the left shoulder as it come around with out any encouragement from you.

Coil recoil

The correct motion away now creates room for the arms to swing and encourages the correct recoil back through the ball allowing the club head to arc on the the correct path  producing more solid strikes.

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