Do You Have Too Much SLIDE In Your Golf Swing?

Getting the right amount of hip shift and turn is often one question many golfers struggle with.

It’s not uncommon for elite players and developing junior golfers to generate too much shift or slide in the downswing with their hips. Too much of this lateral motion can cause the shoulders to tilt upward and the arms to drop the club too much on the ‘inside’.

In this video I show you how to train in the right amount of shift and turn with the aim to develop a neutral swing path rather than too much inside or out. 

Key Things To Remember From This Video

Slide - Causes Inside!

If you’re prone to dropping the inside causing, pushes, hooks, thins and tops you may have too much ‘slide’ in your downswing

Find Neutral

To achieve a neutral downswing with the club moving through impact on the correct path means balancing the right amount of shift and turn or rotary motion.

Turn inside the cane

Using an alignment cane or umbrella position about an fist from your lead hip practice creating a a small shift flowing into a full turn. This balance of shift and turn drops the club into the ideal ‘slot’ then the turn blasts the club through impact on the ideal path.

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