Control Your Clubface To Break 90

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer helps you to break 90 by syncing your arms and body together for more consistency.

Key Things To Remember From This Video


Neutral Swing Path

To avoid extremes in your shot pattern you are aiming with this tip to develop a swing path that is not too inside or outside on the attack. A neutral path with good club face control will mean hitting more fairways and greens.

Match Up Arm Swing & Body Turn

Trying to break 90 you should be aiming to develop a more neutral swing. The first thing you need to establish is good synchronicity. Develop the feeling of the arms and body swinging together by holding your right bicep with your left hand and matching up your body turn with your arm swing.

Solid Impact

Cross you arms with a club mirroring your shoulder angle and the clubface toe up. Rotate your shoulder down towards the ball encouraging the correct body alignments and feel of a good impact. Too much tilting or coming over will be found out with this move.

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