In the May issue of Britain’s best-selling golf mag, Today’s Golfer, I teamed up with fellow Top50 TG coach Gareth Johnston to highlight ten of the most common errors the amateur golfers make. Unwittingly these common mistakes can occur by simply not appreciating subtle setup changes or not fully understanding the technique and concept for these particular shots.

Study this feature and let me and Gareth show you the best way to create a positive outcome for the many shots you may face this season.
Could it be you struggle with downhill chips? You’re not sure how to fix your slice? Which grip will give you the best results? All these doubts will be eliminated by reading our feature.

Although not totally comprehensive of all the faults in golf it will help with some of the most common errors we see day to day on the lesson tee and course.
Select the tendencies you may suffer from and one by one patiently apply our suggestions to improve your shotmaking and scoring. Enjoy.

10 Stupid Mistakes (And How To Stop Them)

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