Since the time golf has been played there has been a worldwide
epidemic of players ‘coming over top’ or ‘casting’ the club in a fishing like manoeuvre. This is principally born out of the fact we play golf stood sideways to a ball on the floor- we may inherently try to swing ‘straight’ to make it go straight AND up and down as the ball is sat on the floor. As early as 1913, golf books by the late Harry Vardon, six times Open Champion warn against this fatal swing fault and Vardon talks about the importance of keeping the club head behind the hands and on the correct angle. There are many many feelings an experienced PGA pro will encourage someone to develop the feeling of swinging the club down ‘on plane’ and delivering the club on the angle and the correct path it’s designed to be used. In this blog from one of my many instruction features from Today’s Golfer magazine I describe trying the feeling of imagining you are rubbing the club ‘down the wall’ in the first part of the downswing. Your body rotation ultimately brings the club round in front of you, dropping the trail shoulder, right elbow and side produces the ‘shallowing’ move you see the likes of Garcia appear to do thus keeping the cub on the ‘virtual’ wall. Try rehearsing the feeling in practice and see if you can get that club dropping on the inside for that powerful strike.

Driving – Wonder Wall

thumbnail of Wonder Wall