TUESDAY 4th APRIL @ 7.00PM – 9.30PM



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Like golf coaches the world over our jobs involve helping golfers at every level get the very best from their game.

Of course a good technique is massive in terms of creating a consistent strike and being able to string shots together with all the different clubs in the bag. However despite seeing great strides with many students striking and shotmaking ability many still appear to come unstuck once they are playing with a scorecard in their hand.

All of a sudden the swing, temperament and trust all have to work in unison to be able to shoot your best scores.

If you are that player who gets comments like:

‘You’re never that handicap the way you hit the ball!’

“You can win this today if you keep this up”

“I can’t believe your handicap hasn’t come down”

Or you are the golfer who scores well playing matchplay and Stableford with pals but doesn’t produce the same form in medal or playing with strangers?

The good news this is rarely to do with your technique not working but rather more your mental state not allowing you to access and recreate your ‘good swing’ feelings.

Once there are consequences to your actions like your score, hazards and even pride the perceived pressure increases.

So how is it that professionals and elite players are able to produce such great shots under extremely difficult situations? They really are ordinary people who’ve learnt to produce extraordinary shots when it matters. The great news is part of the game is actually easier to train than the complex motor skill of swinging! Once you appreciate you are in control of yourself and you take responsibility for the way you think and behave, you then begin to unlock the key to being totally in control of your game and emotions.

The great sports manager Mark McCormack once said golf is ‘man against himself’ obviously implying we usually beat ourselves rather external influences.

Through his research and extensive work with Major Champions like Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke plus elite sportsmen and women including Alison Nicholas, Michael Vaughan, Jimmy White and more, Karl Morris has developed keys and strategies to enable any golfer bring about the mindset necessary for both playing and practising effectively.

As a coach and having studied this challenging area of the game I’m fully aware many people simply underestimate how a few simple changes could really unlock the key to better golf.

The Mind Factor is what separates the winners at Tour level who all strike the ball equally well, so I’m very confident that every attendee, no matter what handicap, will take away some very practical skills that will work on the range and in competition.

So, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain by signing up for this exclusive event.

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TUESDAY 4th APRIL @ 7.00PM – 9.30PM – £25pp

The Mind Factor Event with Karl Morris

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A fun, easy learning seminar with Europe’s LEADING MIND COACH, Karl Morris.

You will be able to learn THE techniques successfully used with some of the World’s greatest golfers, including FOUR MAJOR WINNERS.


This workshop will give you the ‘INSIDE SECRETS’ how to THINK and PLAY in a way that will allow you to find your true POTENTIAL this year. You will learn how to reduce mental interference and create a CALM and QUIET but resilient mind set.


  • What the ‘Cone of contention’ is and how to become deadly from 100 yards.
  • How and why ‘trying’ to be positive can detrimental.
  • How to learn to putt well under pressure.
  • How to develop a Robust and Reliable routine.
  • How to deal with setbacks and be able to BOUNCE BACK.
  • How the best get to improve by thinking smart.
  • The secret of harnessing POWERFUL memories to assist your game.

You will leave with a set of tools you can apply INSTANTLY that WILL have an effect on your game, your scoring, and more importantly, your ENJOYMENT of the game.

You will gain a valuable insight into Tour Proven Mental Tips helping you play better under pressure.

If you would like to learn how to practice, play and cope under stressful golf situations this event will help you.