We witnessed Jim Furyk shoot an all time Tour record  score of 58 at this weekend’s Traveler’s Championship, apart from this being an incredible performance, they’re are many lessons the amateur golfer can learn from him.

In this instance after a ‘mediocre’ 72 on Saturday huh! and upset with himself he video’d his swing and sent it to his golf professional dad for analysis. They concluded his timing was out, shortened the swing and got it back in sync.

The great doyen of coaching and father of the European Tour John Jacobs OBE has consistently said over a lifetime of coaching ‘the sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce the correct impact-the method employed is of no significance as long as it is repetitive‘  he was the fore-father of the early ‘ball flight laws’ and taught world class players and coaches to understand the need to swing through impact on the correct path, with the appropriate club face alignment, plus a centred strike delivered on the ideal angle of attack. 

Through trial and error and a lot of perseverance Jim Furyk developed a swing which may not posses the classic lines of Adam Scott but the club is in the correct place through impact. He may not be quite as powerful as some of his Tour colleagues but he gets the job done.

So it’s great to develop a pure repeatable, reliable ‘on plane’ swing but please be aware there can be many ways of achieving a correct impact and good ball flight, enjoy the journey of discovery! 

Please study the video and take on board these simple thoughts-

After a breakdown often comes a break through.

Good impacts are the goal, it’s desirable to have good ‘geometry’ to your backswing but not totally essential, remember you hit it with the downswing!

If it isn’t working, seek PGA professional help, reflect, refine, adapt and improve.