If you are struggling with pitching? Pitching? putting? And Hybrids? The key could be controlling your angles of approach

If you are struggling with pitching? Not sure how and when to play your hybrid?
Looking to improve the contact and distance control on long putts?

The features I recently penned in Today’s Golfer should help you in all the departments.
We are often told to hit down on our pitches, but how much? And what does it feel like.
On the PGA tour the average angle of decent on 50yard is around 5 degrees. So there is hitting down and really hitting DOWN too much!! Competent pitchers are almost ‘brushing’ the ball away, admittedly other factors with loft, shaft lean, path and face angle all have to complement this feeling to be really successful. Study my tips for a quick overview of how you can set about becoming a better pitcher today!

Continuing the theme of the correct angle of attack (that’s basically the angle of the club head moves up or dawn in relation the the horizon) you can begin to master your hybrid shots. From this feature you will appreciate you can adapt your delivery of the club head dependant on the lie of the ball and the situation and shot you require.
As you will see, subtle changes in your ball position, your weight placement and how you ‘load up’ your backswing all affect the delivery of the club and resulting ball flight.
Although in golf we all desire consistency, to be a great player this consistency has to have adaptability to the shot environment too.

Putting may possibly be the one area in golf where we want to see less variables. Essentially because the lie is always more constant on a decent green. Of course we have to adjust our aim and alter the pace controlling factors of the stroke, but we are aiming to limit the variations of our stroke mechanics in search of consistency.
In this feature see how understanding how ‘quietening’ your hands and again mastering the correct angle of approach will lead to better contacts and more consistent control.

I hope you can study, experiment and try my thoughts and personalise them to your own game this season. As ever enjoy the journey being as good as you can be.

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