Adria PGA Fellowship AwardAdrian has been recently been honoured with a ‘Fellow of the PGA’ status in the latest Accreditation for Prior Achievement and Learning awards of the Professional Golfers Association.

Over and above their original PGA Qualified status, professionals are now able to participate in Continued Professional Development programs and have prior achievements considered to aspire to various levels of status and education within the PGA from class ‘A’ through 5 other tiers to the ultimate of ‘Master Professional’.

To achieve Fellow status the Qualified professional must have been a member of the association a minimum of eight years and consistently demonstrated an ability to work at a very high level with contribution to: the development of players at different levels and/or a very strong reputation as an ethical business person who has established an extensive business that has benefited the golfing community and/or, which has enhanced the reputations of golf professionals and/or has written articles/books and presented at conferences.


In April Adrian was very proud to be awarded the Fellow of The PGA status in the recent APAL honours and commented ‘ I am delighted to been awarded ‘Fellow of the PGA’ status, it’s nice to know that my desire to always be totally professional in my attitude to helping golfers whether it be in recent years teaching or previously as a retailer and club professional has been recognised. I’ve been a professional since 1978 and qualified as a full PGA member in 1983 and over the last 23 years I’ve always aimed to improve my knowledge and the quality of service I offer year on year. I’m pleased I’ve been able to instigate some teaching conferences for fellow PGA members, helped some fine elite young players achieve county and national championships and happy my magazine work has been enjoyed by so many 100,000’s of enthusiasts. I’m very lucky to be able to make my living involved in a sport I love and am still captivated by and also lucky to meet so many different and genuine people’. ® The Crest is a registered trademark of The Professional Golfers’ Association Limited.